BOUTECO’s YouTube channel invites you to get better acquainted with the places we champion and initiatives close to our hearts thanks to these extraordinary stories… The only video channel dedicated to sharing the most inspiring stories of sustainability from boutique hotels and luxury travel, it is our latest way of showing how luxury hospitality can be a force for good, socially and environmentally.

Words alone cannot always do justice to evoking the innovative hotel designs, blooming flora and endangered fauna, diversity of landscapes and artisanal mastery we see all around in far-flung destinations and those close to home, so we’ve curated some of the most moving mini motion pictures. Already our edit of videos takes you on a trip around the striking and remote rocky easternmost terrain of Canada’s Newfoundland, home to Fogo Island Inn, and spoken with its founder Zita Cobb about “living in the contradiction”.

In utter contrast to this remote island we bring you an exploration of urban beekeeping, through the work of St Ermin’s Hotel in London. Meet Camilla the beekeeper, busy producing sweet honey out of the bees in this original Bouteco film made by Kuba Nowak.

In Budapest, we take a tour of the Writer’s Villa which preserves a rare example of Austro-Hungarian Art Nouveau perfection with our resident Polish-Canadian filmmaker.

Through this curated YouTube channel, we hope to bring light to people and places and topics we want to be part of a bigger conversation on sustainability, such as our chefs from around the world promoting ethical fishing on World Oceans Day.  

We’re looking forward to taking you on lots of inspiring and thought-provoking visual journeys. Please do subscribe to the channel and share any videos you love by emailing us at