Studies show that oxybenzone — a UV-filtering chemical compound found in most brands of sunscreen — is killing the coral reefs. So when you need to block out those rays, either slip on a rashguard or make sure what you’re slathering on your skin is biodegradable.

You don't need to be a scientist to know that chemicals can’t be kind to marine life, so next time you’re selecting suncream, it might be smarter to seek out organic or all-natural suncare. The fact they're called 'natural' lotions might mean they're organic or that the product uses zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to physically block out the sun's rays. Just make sure it's missing oxybenzone.

Bouteco eco-friendly sincere inspiration…  

Jason's mineral-based natural sunscreen
Neals Yard natural and organic suncreams
Organic Pharmacy Cellular Protection Sun Cream
NYDG Chem-Free Active Defense
Alba Botanica Mineral Sunscreen   .  

*Not to be confused with Jessica Alba’s cosmetic line Honest, which wasn't truthful when labelling products natural, plant based and chemical free — this claim was fraudulent and the range is loaded with synthetic and toxic ingredients which resulted in a multi-million-dollar court-case settlement.