We are making a short film about how a few dormitories are making a dramatic difference to the future for young women in rural Morocco. It’s a story of empowerment and the life-changing power of education.

Watch our crowdfunding film to find out more and donate through our Kickstarter page.

We want to give the girls themselves a voice so that they can share their stories of hope and help inspire change, worldwide.

We’d be grateful if you could pledge whatever you can — from £10 to £1,000 to more. Just get in touch with us directly and we can book you can incredible VIP Moroccan adventure in return for donations, such as a two-night all-inclusive stay at luxury eco lodge, Kasbah du Toubkal, an extraordinary mountain resort in the High Atlas which empowers the local Berber community (can arrange a night in Marrakech for that also if they like)... includes transfers to Marrakech airport and a private visit to Education For All's boarding houses. 

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