THE LONG RUN, Kenya | The Long Run is one of the most inspiring organisations out there when it comes to proactively driving forward nature-led tourism and sustainable principles. Accommodation providers that sign up to membership, whether barefoot luxury resorts (Soneva Fushi), eco-lodges surrounded by rainforest (Lapa Rios) or castles dedicated to art (Wanås), commit to the 4Cs: conservation, community, culture and commerce. 

Ecosphere safety is the maintenance of our planet and all its life-sustaining regions in the healthiest possible state. This means maintaining a healthy balance of conservation, community, culture, and commerce. The balance of these 4Cs is at the heart of achieving sustainability.
— The Long Run

What makes The Long Run stand out, is that they recognise that without 'commerce', nothing is sustainable. Members need solutions to become conservationists, support local communities and embed a positive culture, but they also need to make money. The 4C framework recognises the importance of business viability to secure biodiversity conservation and community wellbeing in the long term. It equally emphasises the importance of nature and supportive communities in sustaining businesses. 

Examples of positive impacts in the 4Cs by members demonstrate the promise and potential of the Long Run. Members invested over $7,285,000 in the 4Cs during 2015 and managed 5,126,049 acres of land supporting over 52,798 biodiversity species. Collectively, members touched the lives of 657,776 people – 495,229 community members directly and supported over 3,864 jobs.

When it comes to promoting platforms dedicated to change, discussion and moving towards a more sustainable way of living, we're all working towards a better world. Here's to them helping find solutions while working in harmony with people and places.

Here are five simple things they invite anyone to do today to make a difference:

  1. Spread the word: Let your friends and family know about The Long Run approach to life – acting today for a better tomorrow. Help them learn more and spread the word by sharing online resources such as the website as well as social media: FacebookTwitter.
  2. Nominate a Member of The Long Run: Help them to grow their network by nominating a Supporter of The Long Run or Long RunMember.
  3. Get out there and explore sustainably. Visit a Global Ecosphere Retreat or member of The Long Run. Tourism can have irreversible negative impacts on communities, regions, cultural heritage, and the environment in many parts of the world. Some of the most severe effects are environmental degradation, economic instability and inequity, and negative socio-cultural changes. By visiting a Global Ecosphere Retreat or Long Run Alliance Member, you'll see the Long Run Philosophy at wor. 
  4. Volunteer: Donate time and expertise to strengthen the activities within The Long Run. They are always looking for volunteers passionate in the fields of biodiversity conservation to support the work of members. If interested, contact them.
  5. Support a 4Cs project. Global Ecosphere Retreats carry out projects that aim to achieve their objectives in the 4Cs and ensure sustainable ecosystems management. These destinations often require assistance to meet the implementation costs of these projects. The Long Run plays a facilitative role by linking them with potential funding opportunities and sources.