Rio Terà Dei Pensieri | A cosmetics lab in Italy is training convicted women in Giudecca to create delicate, organic skincare products that tread lightly on the environment. From making amenities for hotels including the beautiful Bauer Venezia to providing toiletries that make considerate gifts, the products made are high quality and eco-friendly. 

Uniting design with purpose, the social enterprise Rio Terà Dei Pensieri has been working within Venetian prisons since 1994 to train and support female offenders. Using business as a driver for social change, it’s transferable model transforms lost time into profitable progress and has a global appeal. They can create bespoke ranges of amenities for hotels, large and small.

To further their planet-loving practices, at the Santa Maria Maggiore Men’s Prison Rio Terà Dei Pensieri operates the silkscreen lab where customised clothing and accessories made by prisoners are manufactured from fairtrade materials and solvent-free inks. The latest addition to the enterprise’s impressive philanthropic portfolio, the recycled PVC lab, also exists within the Santa Maria Maggiore Men’s Prison. Bags and accessories are fashioned from discarded advertising banners while Rio Terà Dei Pensieri's Garden of Wonders and Workplaces Outside of Prison schemes help reintegrate ex-prisoners into society. 

Empowering individuals and breaking cycles of crime, these professional training courses often lead to industry placements and sustained long-term employment for participants. Each sweetly-scented product made in collaboration with Rio Terà Dei Pensieri brings us one step closer to a brighter future for all. 

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Rio Terà Dei Pensieri's products include —

The Natural Line: three fragrances of shower gel, shampoo and deodorant — Wood and Citrus; Magic from the Orient; Secrets of Essences.

The Organic Line: lotions, shower gel, shampoo and products specifically designed for young children with ICEA certification (Eco Bio Cosmetics).

The Traditional Product Line: soaps, bars of soap, smelling salts and room fragrances made with essential oils.

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