Monday 5 June, 2017 | Every year on this date, the organiser of World Environment Day, the United Nations Environment Programme, highlights the challenges facing us today. ‘Connecting people to nature’ is the theme of this year’s event which aims to encourage worldwide awareness and action. 

Share a photo or video of your favourite place in nature and tag it #WorldEnvironmentDay — if it’s also a boutique, eco hotel, tag it #Bouteco and tell the world why it’s so special.

Never have the effects of global warming on polar and tropical ecosystems and the communities that are suffering from climate change, been so acute. This year, it’s all the more poignant. Keeping your footprint light while you travel is one way to help, and Bouteco exists to help you find the good guys and educate you to read between the greenwashing lines when it comes to interpreting the travel marketing and messaging out there. Taking a green holiday doesn’t necessarily mean you must be in an all-natural environment — many Bouteco Heroes are doing great things for flying a green flag in built-up neighbourhoods.

Tag your stories #WorldEnvironmentDay and the WED team will feature entries from around the world and show your photos to political leaders in exhibitions at the United Nations headquarters. leaders.