BOTANICO VIDA, London and Peru | Sacha inchi―also known as sacha peanut or mountain peanut―is native to South America and Southeast Asia. The nut of a perennial plant which flourishes in the high-altitude areas of Peru, it is being cultivated as part of an initiative of the Peruvian Government and local farmers to reforest areas of the Amazon.

Botánico Vida, meaning ‘Plant Life’ is the new organic, sustainable skincare brand behind an exceptional, new-generation, sacha-inchi-rich product called Omega Oil. Founder of global spa brand Elemental Herbology, Kristy Cimesa was introduced to sacha inchi in 2009, and was instantly won over by this wonder-seed of this highly nutritious indigenous plant.

I started using sacha inchi in a number of Elemental Herbology formulations as I was really wooed by its credentials as the Earth’s richest plant source of Omega 3, 6 and 9—especially since Omega 3 is the most important for skin health, and a nutrient so often lacking in our diets and most other natural oils. Sacha inchi is also 27% protein and includes high levels of Vitamin E.
— Kristy Cimesa, Botànico Vida
Plukenetia volubilis, commonly known as sacha inchi, sacha peanut, mountain peanut, Inca nut or Inca-peanut.

Plukenetia volubilis, commonly known as sacha inchi, sacha peanut, mountain peanut, Inca nut or Inca-peanut.

Organically grown, sustainably sourced and fairly traded, sacha inchi is the headline product in a programme which aims to help reforest 20,000 hectares of the Amazon in deforested areas with local trees, food and medicinal plants. The clinical research data on sacha inchi is exceptional, but even more significantly, it is the subject of a development programme in Peru that Kristy genuinely believes is one of the most beneficial projects linked to the cosmetic industry. In only a few years, Peru's OMEGA Project has already created 55 farmers associations and implemented 25 collecting centres. 
In 2016, Kristy joined forces with her good friend Hannah Becker and together they set out to launch Botànico Vida with the aim of creating a brand with one single all-encompassing product that uses Sacha Inchi as its hero ingredient. Every bottle of Botanico Vida's Omega Oil sold directly impacts the lives of people living in the Peruvian Amazonia. 

'We have only recently launched Omega Oil in the UK, which is the first 100% natural clinically proven solution for helping avoid stretch marks—it has been proven to increase skin elasticity by 45%—and this oil offers the ultimate multi-purpose, skincare product for the whole family.'

Omega Oil can be used during pregnancy, for baby massage, dry skin and cradle cap, on children for chicken pox scarring and scars from playground accidents and children’s dry, flaky skin. Adults can use it as a daily moisturiser and to help nourish and plump the skin to avoid premature ageing; it is incredibly nourishing yet highly absorbent and such a pleasure to use.

As well as a founder of award-winning spa brand and a trained acupuncturist and holistic therapist, s a mother of young children, Kristy cares deeply about the environment and feels very committed to developing a brand that directly impacts the world in a positive way. Hannah was a business development specialist who, before having children, worked for large corporations and start-ups.

Buoyed by the efficacy and responsible farming and production methods of sacha inchi, Hannah and Kristy launched Botánico Vida. Omega Oil is a beauty product with a beautiful, simple and very clear message and mission which will make you look good, and feel good inside and out.