Environmentally friendly paints are an interior-design consideration many of us neglect to think about—which is crazy when benzene and formaldehyde can be among the toxic chemicals found in traditional emulsions. Opting for low-VOC supplies is a simple way for a hotel or a home to boost its sustainability since these colours are low in—or even better, free of—volatile organic compounds. 

London's first environmentally friendly painting and decorating company, Paint the Town Green cares so much about being eco that they produced their own range of high-quality low-VOC products, which means their licks of colour also avoid noxious fumes and unappealing smells. And if you're a boutique, eco hotel with a heart, this is especially welcome as it also means that you can use the freshly decorated space as soon as the paint is dry. Plus those who are actually applying the paint are not exposed to headache-inducing carcinogenic chemicals. (As a guest, you can also breathe easier knowing that you are sleeping in a chemical-free room that won't have you waking up feeling nauseous or run the risk of triggering respiratory issues such as asthma.)

When it comes to interior design and renovation works, paint is a staple ingredient. So opting for an eco-friendly product and asking hotels about what supplies they choose helps manufacturers and hosts think about using more sustainable products. How paints are produced is another aspect worth thinking about.

Our paints are manufactured using hydroelectric and geothermal power in Iceland in a factory that regularly receives a green audit.
— Phil Robinson, Paint the Town Green

Sustainability does not mean you have to compromise on quality or colour. Since zero-VOC paints have improved an incredible amount in recent times, you don't have to scrimp regarding quality or character—so why not go green? Paint the Town Green recently launched a range in collaboration with International Designer of the Year, Nicky Haslam, called The Stones, since it's inspired by natural gemstones and minerals such as agate and peridot. 

And since Pantone's colour of the year for 2017 is Greenery (Pantone 15-0343)—a 'fresh, yellowish hue' that 'symbolises the reawakening of nature in spring and is a symbol for a new beginning—you could even take that literally. Particularly as Paint the Town Green produces a delightful grey-green called Scarborough Fair

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