SONEVA, Maldives | Bouteco Hero, Soneva Fushi, is always coming up with innovative ways of making the guest experience even more magical (this is, after all, the tropical island that offers everything from its own mushroom cave to chocolate room) and living up to their sustainable luxury ethos. Their Glass Studio — which recycles used glass into works of art and workshops for guests — is no exception.

This February and March Soneva has taken this concept one step further, by inviting the renowned Danish artist Tobias Mohl and Russian visual artist Maria Koshenkova to create an exhibition made entirely of recycled glass and other materials found at the resort. Mohl has been described by The New York Times as someone who ‘successfully translates a historically Italian glass-making idiom into his own distinctly Scandinavian voice’, while Koshenkova uses a mix of materials including glass, wax and ceramics to demonstrate concrete and fragile equilibriums between what is real and abstract. 

Rather than simply outsourcing their crushed glass to a recycling company (which can be hard to come across in The Maldives), Soneva takes on board the entire glass crushing, melting down and reusing process in house. After crushing and melting glass in their glass furnace, the glass is turned into forms of much higher value than the original product — using blowing, casting and slumping techniques. The outcome being a unique retail experience for guests, an opportunity to create unique glasses, bowels and plates to use on the island and offer courses in glass blowing.