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Shinta Mani Foundation

Open doors, open hearts: we’re beyond excited about Shinta Mani Angkor, Bill Bensley’s newest boutique hideaway in the cultural heart of Siem Reap, particularly as it supports the Shinta Mani Foundation. This NGO has been supporting education, employment and healthcare in incredibly underprivileged villages around the world since 2004. We met up with the inimitable Bill Bensley while he was in Bali and heard first hand a little about some of the work they do — such as distributing water filters in Cambodia, saving some of the many newborns at risk from unclean water. Proper bringing-tears-to-eyes stuff. 'When I first travelled deeper into countryside and I saw the malnutrition and real poverty, it made me cry,' says Bill himself. At Bouteco we are here to inspire folks to book hotels which give back — and so we’re especially excited about Shinta Mani Wild luxury camp opening in national park in Cambodia later this year. Of course this tented sanctuary will combine the designer's flamboyant touch, but since the project works in partnership with Wildlife Alliance, Fauna & Flora International and The Royal University of Phnom Penh it will not only conserve and protect these threatened wildlands, but create new and sustainable opportunities for this especially challenged part of Southeast Asia. To put it in perspective, average earnings in Cambodia are one-fifth of those in Thailand. Guests will even be able to join rangers and researchers as they check camera traps and study the poaching activity in the forests.

Beyond Food


See video above: Nourishing folks back into a life that means something to them, Beyond Food works to support people who are at risk of, or have experienced, homelessness to assist them in gaining meaningful, sustained employment. Viewing success as more about opportunity and an open mind than making Michelin-starred menus, they’re part of a small coalition of homeless organisations pulled together by SEUK helping change the face of hospitality. Bringing people together through food — we work with Beyond Food founder Simon Boyle to share all of the wonderful work he does — as well as dishes he loves, ingredients he's using and people that inspire him — through social media. Follow his journey here:

NOW is a global community committed to transparency in the industry working to make hospitality a force for good — just like us — and through it Onno and Alexa Poortier call for accountability around sustainability in travel. Inspired and empowered to make a sustainable difference to people and the planet, they hope that a growing sensitivity within our industry will encourage a conscious approach to consumption creating a self-sufficient and cyclical economy. NOW's Track & Book tool allows travellers to book bespoke, sustainably-verified hotels and invites direct bookings without charging hotels a commission; benefits are passed on directly to travellers. 

Iconic Steps


This BFI-affiliate charity works to help young people take their first steps towards a fulfilling career, fostering a more confidence in its pupils, helping them overcome barriers, embrace their creativity and find long-term employment. Through film and photography, students at this philanthropic social enterprise create high-quality content for clients, and we are proud to mentor some of their students and collaborate on creating quality content.

The Island Foundation


Education, entrepreneurialism, opportunity and independence: committed to sustainability, this Singapore-based International Charitable Organisation works with coastal communities to help improve income, health and education across the Riau Archipelago.

The Long Run

The Long Run was conceived as the flagship international programme of the Zeitz Foundation. What started as a responsible tourism initiative in the Laikipia region of Kenya, is now internationally renowned for encouraging accommodation providers to implement the 4Cs — Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce. The Long Run hopes to encourage and mobilise individuals, organisations, corporations and governments to create and support positive change in favour of sustainability. It supports and promotes the coming together of conservation, culture, community and commerce not just for today, but for The Long Run.

CRU Kafe

Great tasting, excellent price, and fantastically sustainable – instead of Nespresso®, we recommend hotels use CRU Kafe's organic and fair-trade coffee. Founded in 2013 by three friends who wanted to get the best possible coffee they promise the best beans come from the best farms – and all their growers work hard to reinvest in the community and environment around them. Compostable CRU Kafe pods coming soon.

Sustainability Institute

Through the Lexi Cinema in London, we learned about how a social enterprise can support sustainability – and we have visited South Africa's Sustainability Institute to explore how we can work together to create a more equitable society. Established in 1999 in Lynedoch Ecovillage, just outside of Cape Town, their work has been focussed on finding ways of living that sustain rather than destroy the ecosystem within which all society is embedded and the focus on children led to the creation of a crèche, a baby centre, and after-care programmes. Their partnership with the School of Public Leadership at the University of Stellenbosch built up their Masters and PhD programmes in Sustainable Development. 

Green School


A community of learners making the world more sustainable. Green School in Bali, Indonesia, gives its students from kindergarten through high school a natural, holistic and student-centered education.

Whole World Water


Over a billion people don’t have access to clean and safe water. Whole World Water's campaign is designed to unite the hospitality and tourism Industry on a non-competitive platform to eradicate this issue; it's more than a fundraising initiative. It is a new way to do business designed to balance environmental, economic and societal issues.




Imagine a world which was free of single-use plastic straws… Avani is a Balinese start-up which produces Earth-friendly bio-plastic bags, compostable food containers and take-away packaging. Their bags made from cassava root starch and other natural resins, sidestepping petroleum and their paper straws are made from FDA-approved materials and inks, and are 100 per cent chlorine free.