Juliet Kinsman boutique hotel expert

Instinctive about what makes hotels extraordinary, as a journalist Juliet has spent most of the last two decades celebrating the world’s most special places to stay. A Louis Vuitton City Guides author for London and New York, and founding editor of Mr & Mrs Smith, Juliet's design and travel articles have appeared in The Telegraph to Condé Nast Traveller and she is a regularly an expert speaker at events and on TV and radio, internationally. Meeting philanthropic hoteliers and working with award-winning travel brands on their content and social media strategy has inspired her to share the stories of sustainability from the world's most remarkable inns, lodges and resorts. She has a BA in Social Anthropology and she has been a guest speaker at Goldsmiths University. julietkinsman.com

Holly Tuppen eco travel expert

A passion for travelling the world responsibly started in 2008 when Holly set off on an around-the-world-without-flying adventure. Sailing, cycling, walking and hitchhiking the world’s most epic oceans, deserts and mountain ranges, saw Holly meeting many marvellous people along the way and documenting her travels in one of the first ecotourism blogs. Holly returned to spread the word about green travel through marketing for Green Traveller, freelance writing for The Ecologist, Responsible Travel, Tatler and The Guardian and as editor of Green Hotelier, part of the International Tourism Partnership (ITP). She has an MA from Oxford in Modern History. hollytuppen.com

Lydia-Rose Cox editorial assistant and content creator

A lover of independent travel and natural food, Lydia's commitment to sustainability sees her keen to promote a progressive position on the avoidance of waste and the preservation of fragile ecosystems. Having travelled extensively for charitable, research and cultural reasons, she is acutely aware of the impact of travel and the need for responsibility when it comes to avoiding damage to fragile ecological and social infrastructures. Lydia has a BA in Anthropology from Durham University and a Fashion Foundation Diploma from the Condé Nast College, where she was recognised with a distinction and an award for academic achievement.



Just like luxury and eco-tourism aren’t obvious bedfellows, nor is style and sustainability. Seek out high-threadcount sheets, hi-tech audio visuals, and high-art interiors, sure, but try and have these questions in mind, too…

  • How energy-efficient is the hotel? Do they conserve energy or limit consumption?
  • What water-saving strategies are in place? Does the hotel have low-flow showers or low-consumption toilets? Do they recycle grey water?
  • Do they hire locally? Are the environmental practices talked about and understood by staff? (Ensuring staff is invested in programmes improves success.)
  • How efficient is their waste disposal? Do they recycle? Do they compost?
  • Will they let you reuse towels and sheets to save laundering?
  • Are ingredients sourced locally? Is bedlinen made from organic cotton? (Or at least 100% cotton: cotton blends rely on petrochemicals.)
  • Do they support local charities and initiatives?
  • Are gardens planted with native flora?


Bouteco is all about people, places and positive inspiration. More than ever before, hotels need a little heart — or even better, a whole lot of heart — to inspire guests to book, and to deliver a meaningful guest experience, while doing their bit for the world. More and more hotel-bookers, especially younger customers, actively look for brands that make a positive difference and contribution — today’s purchasing decisions are proven to be influenced by how sustainable a brand is. 

For Bouteco, sustainability isn’t just about saving water and conserving energy, although obviously, these things are important, it’s about projecting a responsible ethos, inspiring companies and employers to put people at the heart of a business and to encourage others to make small and simple changes for the better. We believe that being sustainable is great for the guest, the hotel, the world, for future generations and your bottom line, if managed cleverly. If someone is choosing between two brands that provide similar service offerings, but one is involved in projects to make a difference to its community/the environment, chances are they would choose that one. We identify your eco stories, create a stronger narrative, and ensure you share what you're up to loudly in the best possible way for your target customer.

Speak to us about how our consultancy work might help you: 
—Create a sustainability action plan
—Support you in implementing inspiring initiatives
—Shape your storytelling and create meaningful content