Juliet Kinsman boutique hotel expert 

Instinctive about what makes hotels extraordinary, as a journalist Juliet has spent most of the last two decades celebrating the world’s most special places to stay. Louis Vuitton City Guides author for London and New York, and founding editor of Mr & Mrs Smith, her design and travel articles have appeared in The Telegraph to Condé Nast Traveller. Meeting philanthropic hoteliers and working with award-winning travel brands on their content and social media strategy has inspired her to share the stories of sustainability from the world's most remarkable inns, lodges and resorts. She has a BA in Social Anthropology and has been accepted to study for an MSc in Sustainable Development at SOAS University. julietkinsman.com

Holly Tuppen eco travel expert

A passion for travelling the world responsibly started in 2008 when Holly set off on an around-the-world-without-flying adventure.  Sailing, cycling, walking and hitchhiking the world’s most epic oceans, deserts and mountain ranges, saw Holly meeting many marvellous people along the way and documenting her travels in one of the first ecotourism blogs. Holly returned to spread the word about green travel through marketing for Green Traveller, freelance writing for The Ecologist, Responsible Travel and The Guardian and as editor of Green Hotelier, part of the International Tourism Partnership (ITP). She has an MA from Oxford in Modern History. 



Just like luxury and eco-tourism aren’t obvious bedfellows, nor is style and sustainability. Seek out high-threadcount sheets, hi-tech audio visuals, and high-art interiors, sure, but try and have these questions in mind, too…

  • How energy-efficient is the hotel? Do they conserve energy or limit consumption?
  • What water-saving strategies are in place? Does the hotel have low-flow showers or low-consumption toilets? Do they recycle grey water?
  • Do they hire locally? Are the environmental practices talked about and understood by staff? (Ensuring staff is invested in programmes improves success.)
  • How efficient is their waste disposal? Do they recycle? Do they compost?
  • Will they let you reuse towels and sheets to save laundering?
  • Are ingredients sourced locally? Is bedlinen made from organic cotton? (Or at least 100% cotton: cotton blends rely on petrochemicals.)
  • Do they support local charities and initiatives?
  • Are gardens planted with native flora?